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Curtain & Drapes Cleaning In Enfield EN1

Have issues with your drapery, tobacco odours can't escape your olfactory receptors, or maybe they've gathered a lot of dust and its just that time of the year? Then simply call Local Cleaners Enfield for a fast and efficient drapery cleaning service. We offer a wide range of curtain treatments that can neutralize odours, remove stains and rejuvenate the colours of your home textiles without using any harmful chemicals or detergents. 

Why Choosing Us?

Curtain Cleaning EnfieldWe allow our customers to choose what we use to clean, when we come over and what exactly that is they want to book. There are a lot of benefits to a service like ours, like quick drying textiles, no wrinkles as well as:

  • All dust and any contaminants extracted
  • Odour removal 
  • Longer lasting colours, stronger fibers
  • Competitve rates
  • Hot offers

Get your curtains fully cleaned and sanitized. Call us right away at 020 3746 8248 and we can send you a team of well trained and fully covered technicians the same day, and even within an hour. No deposit required. No hidden fees. Entire Enfield EN1 covered.

Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning - has a wide usability when it comes to curtain cleaning, however, for the cleaning detergent to be administered properly we have to take the curtains down, you won't have to worry about putting them back up as we do it free of charge. We hoover the surface as to prepare it for the detergent the apply it using a fine brush which allows it to get into better acquainted with the stains and dirt and help them get out more easily. This does not put any stress on the fibers and in facts acts as colour protection as well as fiber rejuvenation. After that is done we extract all of the garbage using a strong vacuum machine, after that its done, easy as that.

Steam cleaning - is a more mobile treatment that allows us to clean the curtains as they are, without having to take them down or use ladders. This prevents wrinkling and makes the entire process a lot easier and fool proof. The steam jet is administered straight to the fibers along with a detergent that is in a mixture with the steam. All of the moisture that is being use in the process is taken away with a vacuum machine and with it all of the filth in your curtains. It is fast and efficient and it does not stress the curtains at all, but in fact can have a rejuvenating effect on the colours altogether.

Booking Information

An easy way to book us straight away is by using the booking form located on its dedicated booking page, or you can also use the 24/7 customer hotline number at 020 3746 8248.