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Mattress Cleaning In Enfield EN1

With so much time spent in bed or on a pillow it would be just to have a good experience. Bed bugs, dust mites and unpleasant odours can ruin that experience and this is simply intolerable, so don't hesitate to call Local Cleaners Enfield at any time. We will then rapidly dispatch a team of our best mattress cleaners who will take care of any of these and any other problems you may have.

Benefits Of Our Services

Mattress Cleaning in EnfieldYou get to enjoy your evenings and mornings rather than have to think about being bitten by bed bugs, baring an unpleasant smell left by your pet or young child. We cover fiber rejuvenation and colour protection. Selecting us will also get you:

  • Thorough bed bug treatment
  • All beevrage type spills removal
  • Affordable prices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Continous hot deals

Call us now and we'll help you restore your bed's purity and confort. No more stains. No more bed bugs. Dial 020 3746 8248 and get a same day appointment. Our employees are well trained & fully insured. We don't require depoisits or extra fees for weekend & holiday appointments. The best cleaning services in Einfield EN1 - just one call away!

Our Cleaning Techniques

U.V Lights treatment - because bed bugs and dust mites are notoriously hard to remove from textiles, pillows and mattresses, we've resorted to using military and medical grate equipment to guarantee the desired results without having to use harmful substances that will leave a trace and potentially hurt your family. The way the treatment works is that we deploy several U.V emitting lights for a certain period, depending on the thickness of the mattress and the size of the colonies we are going after. The light penetrates all of the layers of the mattress and radiates a harmless to humans and pets ultraviolet light that kills them and effectively neutralizes all other life forms in the mattress.

Steam cleaning - allows any cleaner to extract stains and other unpleasant contaminants and can also be used as a follow up procedure on the U.V lights treatment, removing bed bugs and dust motes from the already treated mattress. We draw all the junk out and along with it any leftover moisture, leaving only a small portion to be dried by air or our air movers. It's safe for children and pets and uses bio-degradable detergents and water, safe and easy.

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It's easy, call 020 3746 8248 and ask about the service, either that or use the easy to fill in and submit booking form located on the website. While on the line ask for a free quote and help with scheduling a suitable time slot for our team to come and clean.