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Efficient Sofa Cleaning In Enfield EN1

Should you find yourself in a situation where upholstery cleaning is required, consider the professional services of Local Cleaners Enfield, a dedicated service that has pledged to do its best and deliver the finest results possible. We have experience cleaning a wide range of upholstery types, removing a big number of stains, hairs and other blemishes without damaging the upholstery, but in fact rejuvenating its fibers and colours.

Benefits Of Booking Our Services

Upholstery Cleaning EnfieldOur technicians have the machines and training to do a through cleaning job of any troubled upholstery out there, including leather would that be natural or synthetic. We clean all types of furniture, however our specialty are learther sofas. Choosing us you will also get:

  • No more bad odours
  • More vivid and better preserved colours
  • Competitve prices
  • Skilled & fully insured technicians
  • Multiple order discount of up to 20%

Want to have your sofa or designer couch smooth & shiny once again? Then waste no time and dial 020 3746 8248 or fill out our request form. Our teams are available for same day and urgent tasks. We do not require any deposits. There are no hidden fees. We serve the entire Enfield EN1 area.

Service Details

Leather upholstery treatment - with use leather can wear out and be damaged if not treated properly, mostly the damage is done either by tearing or by staining. To remedy the first instance we use a rejuvenating agent that when applied moisturizes the leather to the point where tearing from a dry conditioning is no longer a possibility. It allows the leather to stretch a lot more easily and without being damaged by wear and time. We then apply other detergents depending on the situation and problem at hand, all detergents and cleaning agents are safe to use around children and pets and leave no chemical or toxic traces in your home.

Steam cleaning - handles any stain and condition of your upholstery while also reaching the deep parts of any couch or arm chair where any other treatment would not be able. It is fast and efficient and lowers the chance of damage on fibers and the deprivation of colours. Because the moisture in the treatment reacts with any dust or grime and collects it fully, it is used as any-allergenic treatment that also cleans away any staining your furniture might have suffered.

Booking Sofa Cleaning Now!

If you want us at your doorstep today, call 020 3746 8248 now or submit a booking form and we will be on our way on the given time and date, no hassle or deposits required, nor are you required to pay us upfront. For information on procedures, payments and any other cleaning or company related things, you can join the live chat and ask there.