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Master Carpet Cleaning In Enfield EN1

Local Cleaners Enfield takes home care and safety very seriously, this is why in the past 10 years we've invested time and effort finding the best cleaning detergents training our personnel and getting properly certified and fully insured. You can trust our team of experts with your home, they can handle any issues regarding your carpets, upholstery, rugs, curtains, mattresses leaving your household a cleaner and safer place.


A substantial amount of dead skin cells and animal and human hairs can be found in carpets, upholstery or mattresses, not to mention the foot traffic and other things, we can make your carpet a clean place once again. All our clients will have the following benefits:

  • Spotless floor coverings
  • Original color restoration
  • Agency managed technicians
  • Reasonable prices
  • Multiple order discounts

Have your carpet or leather sofa clean & sanitized once again. Call us right away - or fill out our contact form. We can send a team of skilled & fully insured employees the same day and even within an hour. We do not require any deposits. There are no hidden fees and extra charges for weekend & holiday appointments.

Our Cleaning Methods 

Dry cleaning - as there will be a lot of room to cover, we use a treatment that can cover a lot of ground and do it evenly and sufficiently well. The treatment is safe for use with people who have respiratory issues or sensitive skin, and is in fact considered to be the best way of cleaning homes when residents are especially prone to allergic reactions from pollen and even bed bugs. We add the detergent on the carpet and spread it over using a brush that embeds the granulated cleaning agent into the fibers and grime and then wait for a give amount of time. All is then extracted using a strong vacuum machine and that's it, no drying or waiting required.

Carpet cleaning in EnfieldSteam cleaning - does a sufficient job when unpleasant stains are involved, especially efficient against dry and old staining, it is a master tool that needs to be used careful and only on woolen and synthetic materials as those will best react with the power that it has. Due to the dirt cutting capabilities the detergents posses, we use them in conjunction with a steam jet that is administered with a fine nozzle which simultaneously draws all of the gunk and moisture out, leaving just a small trace of the moisture to be dried within 2-3 hours.

Booking Our Services Now

You can book us any day of the week or weekend, without worrying about extra charges, hidden fees or any hidden contracts. Call us at any time of the day or night at  or use the simple booking form located on the website, and if the need arises, join the free live chat embedded into the website and ask the customer help desk any questions you may have regarding our services, procedures and etc. We serve the entire Enfield EN1 area.